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Suitcase - Frank Salamone and Jimmie Stagger
"Live in '76 at Battle Ground"
Sitting Duck SD2003; 2012
CD cover - Live 76 - front CD cover - Live 76 - back

Frank Salamone
"Rhymes With Alimony"
Sitting Duck SD2002; 2004
Rhymes With Alimony - front cover Rhymes With Alimony - back cover

Frank Salamone
"I Remember Me; Live Recordings 1972-1987"
Sitting Duck SD2001; 2001
I Remember Me; Live Recordings 1972-1987

Frank Salamone & the Shadowcasters
"Frank Salamone and the Shadowcasters"
Living Daylights Music LDM4321; 1988; cassette only
Frank Salamone and the ShadowCasters - front cover Frank Salamone and the ShadowCasters - back cover

Suitcase (Frank Salamone & Jimmie Stagger a.k.a. Jim Steigmeyer)
"Long Gone... Got Away Lucky"
Special Rider S-1234; 1977; LP only
LP cover: Suitcase: Lone Gone... Got Away Lucky

Various artists
"Roustabout; The Fourth Annual Battle Ground Fiddler's Gathering - 1976"
Log Cabin 8005; 1977; LP only (out of print)
Various artists; three tracks by Frank and Jim (with photo of Frank on the cover), recorded live by NPR member station WBAA
LP cover: Roustabout; various artists (Frank & Jim on three tracks)