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"I Remember Me; Live Recordings 1972-1987" - released 2001
I Remember Me; Live Recordings 1972-1987

Frank's notes on the tracks; from somewhere on the southeast side of GR, December 22, 2002:

1) "T for Taxes"
From '79, a club gig, probably somewhere in West Michigan.
I'm playing a blonde 1952 Gibson J-185, in the key of A.
Listen for a bit of contrary motion in the root chord.
(Backwards Sam Firk says he likes the lyrics to this one).

2) "Bug Hunters"
From the same '79 club date; this one's in the key of E (the Peoples' Key).
Some Merle Travis-inspired fingerpicking; maybe a little Leo Kottke, too.
(interviewer's note: here's a prime example of Frank's driving fingerstyle approach).

3) "If You Live"
From a '77 concert, using a Gibson LG-1, in the key of E.

4) "Police Sargeant Blues"
Frank onstage with Martin Grosswendt; same '77 date, same guitar, key of C.
A Robert Wilkins song - two interwoven fingerstyle guitars, probably played in different key positions, at least one with a capo.

5) "Big Mistake, Small Cafe"
With Martin again, same '77 date, same guitar, key of A, modulates to D.
A bit of a tribute to the influence of the great Ry Cooder.
Also featuring the obscure Marcel Doppelganger on mandolin, who seems to have vanished without a trace.

6) "Blues Run the Game"
The great Jackson C. Frank song, same '79 gig as track #1, key of G.
I composed the instrumental bridge - my goal was always to make a unique musical statement.

7) "Shadow on the Wall"
Another one from the '77 concert with Martin Grosswendt, using the LG-1, in the key of E.
Some heavy Delta blues influence; with Martin providing some brilliantly supportive second guitar.
(interviewer's note: this is one of the best renditions of the song that might be Frank's finest,
and it must be acknowledged that Martin's contribution to "I Remember Me" is substantial.)

8) "Whispering Inuendo"
Taped by a friend live off the air (!) from a radio broadcast in '77, probably by WLAV in GR.
Using the 1952 Gibson J-185, in the key of Em.
(interviewer's note: a simple instrumental statement perhaps, but simplicity can sometimes be the hardest thing to put across to an audience.)

9) "Wayward Kid"
An original from a '73 club date, featuring the great Jimmie Stagger on bottleneck guitar.
Using the 1947 Martin 000-28 shown on several of the photos on the homepage of this site.
A little bit of Skip James, a little Robert Johnson, too.

10) "Girl on a Porch"
Recorded at home in '74 or '75; taped for a subsequent radio broadcast.
Probably the 000-28; key of D. Note the fadeout at the end - accomplished by physically moving away from the mic.

11) "Tell 'em 'bout Me"
From the '79 club date.
This one is from a Sparks Brothers record, featuring piano and vocal.
I stole a lot of stuff from piano players - as much as I could, really, although this guitar part was based on the Sparks Brothers vocal.

12) "Honey Blues"
From my last gig in '87; using my 1952 J-185.
Played in the "key of A" position, capoed up to C.

13) "So Sweet"
From a '85 coffeehouse gig, using the J-185, key of D.
Played in straight tuning, from a Blind Boy Fuller record (he played it in open D tuning).
With a nod to Scrapper Blackwell on the break.

14) "Mississippi Blues"
From the '73 club date, with J. Stagger on mandolin, using the 000-28.
A fabulous little tune in A, from William Brown of Louisiana.
I always thought this sounded like a piano tune; some Robert Johnson thrown in for good measure.

15) "Your Baby Ain't Sweet"
From the '77 concert with Martin Grosswendt, playing a 1920's Bacon 6-string banjo, in C.
I pretty much rewrote the lyrics, except I kept Papa Charlie's chorus in there.

16) "Bert's Blue One"
From my last gig in '87, on the Gibson J-185, key of E.
"Bert", of course, being the incomparable Bert Jansch, a huge influence on my music.
Some nice jazzy chords, a la Davy Graham by way of Bert.

17) "Bye Bye Baby Blues"
From the '79 club date, key of G.
Woody Mann showed me this one - a tune from a guy named Dennis "Little Hat" Jones.
Don't know much about the guy but he was really good.

18) "Saralinda"
From the '77 taped radio broadcast.
An instrumental in the key of A; another example of the classical/blues influence of Bert Jansch.

19) "19 Women"
From the '79 club date, key of E.
An obscure song by an obscure guy; that's what I liked about it (his name was Charlie Manson... no, not that one).

20) "Candyman"
Also from the '79 club date; this one's in the key of C.
Based on the Reverend Gary Davis' version, more or less.