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"Suitcase - Live in '76" - released 4/26/12
Live in '76 - front Live in '76 - back
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"Rhymes With Alimony" - released 12/01/04
Rhymes With Alimony Rhymes With Alimony - back cover
Note: Apologies to Terry Carpenter; due to oversight on our part, we failed to
credit Terry for his photograph on the back cover. We regret the omission.

And apologies are also due to Barb Saunier, the artist who painted Frank's
portrait on the cover of "Rhymes with Alimony"; Barb was mistakenly credited
under a different name.
Track list and additional web-only liner notes:

"I Remember Me; Live Recordings 1972-1987" - released 2001
I Remember Me; Live Recordings 1972-1987
Track list and additional web-only liner notes: